Can be a RISCOS associated, individuals and public or private entities that develop or wish to collaborate in the development of RISCOS activities. To be a RISCOS membership it is acquired that the interested send a proposal to the Board, that afterd, needed to be approved by the General Assembly.

RISCOS members can have the status of:

  1. Founder Associated, who have integrated the list of candidates to the first elections acts to onde of the RISCO Satutary Boards, as a efetive members or as a susbstitute;
  2. Normal Associated, admitted later that referred to the preceding paragraph;
  3. Sponsors Associated, singal or colective legal persons, that through a financial or a patrimonial contribution to the Association  contributed significantly  to the functioning, prestige and development of RISCOS or have rendered outstanding relevante services.

Membership conditions

Jewel of the Registration fee

  • All new members – free

Annual fees, by type of normal associates:

  • Individual Associated – 25,00 €
  • Student Associated – 12,50 €
  • Colective Associated – 100,00 €

Membership Benefits

  • Reduction in registration fee in the activities promoted directly by the Association (to benefit from this discount, collective associteas can nominate two representatives);
  • Reception of the Territorium – International Journal of Risks in the printed versioncv

Individual or Student Membership Proposal (download)

Collective  Membership Proposal (download)