The Risks and Catastrophes series, inaugurated in 2015, “aims to create an open space to host quality research in the field of the scynin science.

And contrary to what a title that might elect the experience of disaster or the prevention of its threat as suggested by this area, may this new series be crowned with security, stability and editorial and scientific success?”.

Delfim F. Leão
Director of the Coimbra University Press

Published Titles:

9 Miscellaneous disasters. An environmental perspective;

8 Man-made disasters. A comprehensive approach;

7 Natural disasters. A global approach;

6 Risks and crises. From theory to full manifestation;

Alcafache. 30 years later;

4 Geography, culture and risks;

3 Geography, landscape and risks;

2 Sociology of Risk;

1 Lisbon earthquake of 1755. What we learned 260 years later?;